FINE AUTOMATIC DOORS has been designing, manufacturing and selling automatic doors in 

many country of the world.

Our Automatic doors brings convenient access to commercial, industrial and institutional 


We have installed our products in many restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, airports, 

hotels, office buildings, convenience stores, retail food stores and shops, just to mention 

a few.

Today, FINE,  continues to be the industry leader through the strength of our product  innovation, quality and outstanding customer support.  Our product range including: - Single door - bi-parting door  - telescoping door with 2  or 4 panel designs - Electronic Boards - Gearmotors  - Aluminium Profile  (Raw, Anodized and Painted finishes)  All doors can use Narrow, Medium, and Wide stile configurations or you can choice of all  glass Elegant design  Distributing Network:  We recognize the value of professional installation, trouble-free service and expert field  consultation. That is why from the beginning Fine Automatic Doors has cultivated the most  comprehensive and responsive distributor network in the automatic door industry. Fine international distribution network is growing rapidly and covers Latin America,  Europe and Middle East.
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